Palala Clubs CurriculumTechnology has advanced, and we were able to secure a PDF version of the curriculum that we could share for free! If you are interested in starting a girls club or already have a girls club but are seeking resources that have been tested and found successful, download our curriculum and share widely.

This curriculum was created over 3 years of Peace Corps service by Peace Corps volunteers in collaboration with local South African women and girls. The curriculum has been used to teach over 400 girls (and countless more that we haven’t been able to track) and was well received by the village communities.

It teaches valuable life lessons on issues that women and young girls often face in a rural African village. The lessons are in story form and provide questions for thought after each lesson. These questions help create a dialogue among the girls so they can apply the stories they’ve heard to their own lives and assess how they would respond to various adverse issues such as peer pressure, rape, alcoholism, and unplanned pregnancy.

Although this program is now 5 years old, it still maintains a strong presence among the Peace Corps community in Southern Africa. Knowing this, we have taken the time to update the curriculum to include more photos and additional stories. Specifically, there is a page with a note from the author requesting that volunteers who have started programs that were motivated by the Palala Club model should reach out to her with their own stories and photos. We want this program to continue for years to come, which means we want to hear what you’ve done with it to make it unique or improve it.

Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing this new version of the book or previewing the pages, please visit our ordering site for more details.

June is here and with it comes a selection of new fabrics for the Palala Clubs Traditional Aprons.  You can find the new fabrics (#35-#44) on our Apron Sales page, along with up-to-date quantities available in the other fabrics.  Our new fabrics include two new styles of Madiba fabric as well as two new reversible styles.  At this point we must apologize that there are a number of older fabric styles out of stock.  It has been difficult to locate these fabrics throughout the country.  We are working with a couple of fabric stores in the Pretoria area to try and secure more.  As soon as more of these fabrics are available we will update them on the Apron Sales page.

To order your aprons email us at palalaclubs@gmail.com.

450 Aprons Sold and Counting!

The Palala Apron Project continues to sew up aprons for supporters of the Palala Clubs. Recently the leaders processed an order of 16 aprons with matching ‘dituku’, or head wraps, for a local society, all in a matter of only 5 days! Income from these and many other orders has gone to support a number of activities for the Palala Clubs this year. The first half of Palala North Girls Club 2009 has already passed. Girls this year have been able to learn how to bead, make earrings, sew quilt squares, create chain bracelets and tie dye socks. All of this has been possible through our apron sales. Thank you to all of you have supported Palala Clubs!

Due to the large quantity of aprons that have been sold recently, we will be working on updating our inventory on the website. During the month of May we will be acquiring more fabric and will have up-to-date availability for each style at the end of the month!

Proudly showing off their new socks.
Proudly showing off their new socks.

PBC Curriculum

Although long overdue, a complete Palala Boys Club curriculum is now available for download on the Curriculum page. Please check it out if you are interested and let us know if there is anything else we can provide. The download is small and available in both Publisher and PDF formats.

Unlike the PGC Curriculum, instructions are not provided for activities and projects. Only sample lessons and discussion topics are included for a 12-week club year. We hope you find this useful and that it can be a stepping stone for the development of bigger and better programs. Good luck!

Apron Sales Pass 100 Mark!

Since the apron project began in mid-June, just 3 short months earlier, the Palala Clubs is proud to announce that it has officially sold over 100 aprons!

When this project began a few month ago, we had no idea how successful or well received it would be, but it has never ceased to amaze us. It all began with approximately 40 aprons being taken to the SA15 Close of Service Conference to test the waters and see if it was possible to sell all of them. Well, we did not come back empty handed so to speak because while we sold out of every last apron, we had an entire list of new orders to fill with the promise of many more orders to come. So began the apron business as it is today. 

Even after every order was filled from this one-time sale, we continue to get orders from all over and were happy to just recently even send a portion of our aprons State-side! Because of the success that we continue to experience with the aprons, we were able to increase the price and are selling the aprons for R100-R150. 

For more updated information on our apron sales, please visit our Traditional Apron Sales page!

Due to the recent success of the apron sales, we have created a page dedicated solely to that project. You can now see the details on the Traditional Apron Sales page.