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Palala Clubs CurriculumTechnology has advanced, and we were able to secure a PDF version of the curriculum that we could share for free! If you are interested in starting a girls club or already have a girls club but are seeking resources that have been tested and found successful, download our curriculum and share widely.

This curriculum was created over 3 years of Peace Corps service by Peace Corps volunteers in collaboration with local South African women and girls. The curriculum has been used to teach over 400 girls (and countless more that we haven’t been able to track) and was well received by the village communities.

It teaches valuable life lessons on issues that women and young girls often face in a rural African village. The lessons are in story form and provide questions for thought after each lesson. These questions help create a dialogue among the girls so they can apply the stories they’ve heard to their own lives and assess how they would respond to various adverse issues such as peer pressure, rape, alcoholism, and unplanned pregnancy.

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