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Apron Sales Project Page

Due to the recent success of the apron sales, we have created a page dedicated solely to that project. You can now see the details on the Traditional Apron Sales page.

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Sunday, May 18, the Palala Girls and Boys Club members in Kgobagodimo Village all gathered under the night sky, like so many others around the globe, to commemorate those who have been victims of AIDS .

The Candlelight Memorial started just after sundown and was led by PGC Leader, Elizabeth Ditsela. There were approximately 90 youth in attendance, and as the night went on, many more came from young children to adults.

Elizabeth Ditsela spoke briefly to the youth about their role in changing the stigma that so many people hold against People Living with HIV and more specifically how our youth can stop the spread of AIDS by making healthy sexual choices. Her speech was followed by an extended time of youth-centered participation. Children recited poems, danced, gave motivational speeches and personal testimonies.

To read more about this event, please visit africandaylight.blogspot.com.

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