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PBC Curriculum

Although long overdue, a complete Palala Boys Club curriculum is now available for download on the Curriculum page. Please check it out if you are interested and let us know if there is anything else we can provide. The download is small and available in both Publisher and PDF formats.

Unlike the PGC Curriculum, instructions are not provided for activities and projects. Only sample lessons and discussion topics are included for a 12-week club year. We hope you find this useful and that it can be a stepping stone for the development of bigger and better programs. Good luck!

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Apron Sales Pass 100 Mark!

Since the apron project began in mid-June, just 3 short months earlier, the Palala Clubs is proud to announce that it has officially sold over 100 aprons!

When this project began a few month ago, we had no idea how successful or well received it would be, but it has never ceased to amaze us. It all began with approximately 40 aprons being taken to the SA15 Close of Service Conference to test the waters and see if it was possible to sell all of them. Well, we did not come back empty handed so to speak because while we sold out of every last apron, we had an entire list of new orders to fill with the promise of many more orders to come. So began the apron business as it is today. 

Even after every order was filled from this one-time sale, we continue to get orders from all over and were happy to just recently even send a portion of our aprons State-side! Because of the success that we continue to experience with the aprons, we were able to increase the price and are selling the aprons for R100-R150. 

For more updated information on our apron sales, please visit our Traditional Apron Sales page!

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