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Palala North Girls Club Arrives!

Palala North Girls Club has officially begun! On Monday, May 19th the PNGC leaders gathered with 55 Grade 7 girls from Seleka Higher Primary School for their first club meeting. Proudly displaying their invitations, the girls talked excitedly as they lined up to enter the hall that was quickly converted after school from classroom to PNGC headquarters.

As the lavender cow bell rang and and music played in the background the leaders ushered in club with introductions, overviews of things to come, games, and the first craft project of the year. Each girl was given their own PNGC materials to add to their folders and had individual sets of earring making supplies laid out in front of them to enjoy with their homemade chocolate cupcake. After a short demonstration of the earring making process, the girls dove right in and leaders circulated through the room to assist where needed. Many of the girls caught on extremely fast and as they sported their chic new accessories they turned to help their friends finish up.

We ended the day with a quick photo shoot of all the girls. It is clear that none of these girls are camera shy. Our two hours flew by but left a very lasting impression for all involved. Girls and leaders alike were beaming from ear to ear and happily sporting their new PNGC earrings and materials as they strode home to show their friends and family. We are extremely excited to be off and running with PNGC and look forward to continuing the mission of Palala Clubs in Seleka.

To read more about PNGC visit http://africanwanderlust.blogspot.com

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Sunday, May 18, the Palala Girls and Boys Club members in Kgobagodimo Village all gathered under the night sky, like so many others around the globe, to commemorate those who have been victims of AIDS .

The Candlelight Memorial started just after sundown and was led by PGC Leader, Elizabeth Ditsela. There were approximately 90 youth in attendance, and as the night went on, many more came from young children to adults.

Elizabeth Ditsela spoke briefly to the youth about their role in changing the stigma that so many people hold against People Living with HIV and more specifically how our youth can stop the spread of AIDS by making healthy sexual choices. Her speech was followed by an extended time of youth-centered participation. Children recited poems, danced, gave motivational speeches and personal testimonies.

To read more about this event, please visit africandaylight.blogspot.com.

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Announcing Palala North Girls Club!

Palala Clubs are excited to announce the addition of Palala North Girls Club. Located in Ga-Seleka, approximately 15 kilometers from Kgobagodimo, the club will be officially starting at Seleka Higher Primary School on May 19th, 2008. Peace Corps Volunteers Jessica and Paul Vig will be working with the six leaders, three from Seleka Higher Primary School and three from Baphoting Lower Primary School, and 54 7th grade girls. Their curriculum will follow the Palala model of teaching life skills and crafts to adolescent girls. Please keep checking the website for more information and pictures as they get underway!

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